RLJE Films and Film Frenzy are teaming up to provide two (2) readers with a copy of JAKOB’S WIFE on DVD. The film presently holds an 84% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and stars horror fave Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, From Beyond). Details on how to enter the giveaway follow the plot synopsis and DVD special features below.

Anne is married to a small-town minister and feels like her life and marriage have been shrinking over the past 30 years. After a chance encounter with “The Master,” she discovers a new sense of power and an appetite to live bigger and bolder than before. As Anne is increasingly torn between her enticing new existence and her life before, the body count grows and Jakob realizes he will have to fight for the wife he took for granted.

Jakob’s Wife DVD bonus features include:

●      The Making Of Jakob’s Wife
●      Deleted Scenes

DETAILS: The contest ends at 11:59 pm EST on Tuesday, July 20. To enter, take these two steps: 1) Head to the right side of any page on this site (including this one) and enter your e-mail under Follow Film Frenzy Via Email. 2) Then go to the bottom of this page and write “Jakob DVD” in the comments section to confirm your entry. (Since all comments go through moderation first, your post will actually not be visible to anyone except me.) If you’re already following Film Frenzy, you still need to write “Jakob DVD” in the comments section so as to note your interest.

The winners will be selected at random and notified via e-mail. Once the physical addresses are verified, the prizes will be mailed directly from RLJE Films. Neither Film Frenzy nor RLJE will be responsible for the prizes once they’re in the possession of the mailing service chosen by RLJE, nor will we be able to send replacement copies. Only one entry per person, please.

Please note that this contest is open only to people 18 and older who are living in the contiguous United States (sorry, no Hawaii or Alaska).

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