Jason Gervacio in Go Chase Yourself (Photo: Broadway Pictures Entertainment)

★½ (out of four)
DIRECTED BY Patrick Jerome
STARS Amanda Rodriguez, Jason Gervacio

It’s strange that there’s no mention of Robert Louis Stevenson in the opening credits of Go Chase Yourself, as the movie contains one of the most blatant Jekyll-and-Hyde personality switches I’ve witnessed in some time.

Written and directed by Patrick Jerome, this indie flick largely focuses on a love triangle between a criminal named Rob (Jason Gervacio), his wife Tessa (Gretel Munday), and his girlfriend Maria (Amanda Rodriguez). Shortly after the film opens, Rob and his cohorts in crime (Anthony Hoang and Vac Harris) are committing an armed robbery. When Tessa discovers the illegally obtained dough hidden in her house, she is understandably upset but nevertheless provides her husband with an alibi when the cops come a-callin’. Meanwhile, Maria is seen embarking on a road trip to be with her one true love, who of course is Rob.

Gretel Munday and Amanda Rodriguez in Go Chase Yourself

There’s very little that works in Go Chase Yourself. The ample flashbacks are intrusive, clumsy in structure, and poorly spread out. (“Let me tell you about this.” Cut to flashback. Moments later, “And let me tell you about this.” Cut to another flashback.) The dialogue is unconvincing in many scenes, particularly one agonizing sequence in which the wife finally confronts the girlfriend. And there’s a supernatural element that runs throughout the picture (the title ties into it), although it’s so hazy and ill-defined that it probably would have been best to jettison this whole angle.

Worst of all, though, might be the unbelievable transformation of one of the most significant players, who goes from sensitive (if troubled) soul to homicidal maniac in about the time it takes to blink. I accepted one of the murders (the victim was someone who had earlier hinted at delivering a bullet between the eyes), but the others are out of context for the character as presented and even for the movie as a whole.

The acting is acceptable, with Munday particularly good as the wife who’s trying to hold onto her marriage. There’s one distracting bit of casting, though, and that pertains to Maria’s mom. Maria is clearly Hispanic, but whenever her mother speaks, it’s with an obvious Indian accent. The role is played by Indian actress Yogita Miharia, so there you go. But was it assumed that most Americans are too stupid to tell the difference between a Hispanic accent and an Indian one? (Wait, don’t answer that.)

(Go Chase Yourself is available on Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vimeo, and YouTube On Demand.)

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